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We welcome you to contribute an article of your own for Trying to Balance the Madness. We accept content relating to homes, home ownership, design, exquisite real estate, interior decoration and design, showcase homes, resorts and (some) lifestyle, DIY around the home, home improvement and conversions, furniture ideas, interesting arts and crafts, and so on.

Each contributed guest post may have 2 DoFollow links in addition to any relevant authority links (wikipedia, source citations, etc). We do allow infographics, Top 10 lists, real estate showcases for exquisite homes going on the market, and any other format as long as we think we can make it work to everyone’s benefit.

Our turn-around time (TAT) is 1 to 48 hours.

So have you got something interesting for us to post about? Send an email for a chat (it’s helpful if you mark the subject line with “guest post,” “sponsored post,” etc, depending upon the nature of the inquiry).

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